How I Gotta Know About Pregnancy

Telling me a bit more about my story … When I got pregnant with my eldest daughter, I had had an abortion a while before, and the fear of it happening again was in my head. I had a husband who supported me and always supported me, but this pain is individual for the woman and it is something that only has strength inside.

Patricia 1

The time passed, many things happened, exams and more examinations were carried out and 1 year later, without waiting for September 11, 2001 (day of the fall of the towers) I received the news that would change my life once more . It had been 10 days since I was feeling a very strong pain in the beak of the breasts, but since I felt a similar but softer pain, I did not give much ball to it. I waited, waited and no menstruation , I even commented with a friend who already had a child and she told me that it was normal to have pain like this during pregnancy, but honestly, I had not called.

patricia 2

I┬áremembered the test that was more than dusty in the drawer, got up at 5 in the morning, went to the bathroom finely and there I did the test alone, after waiting for 5 minutes and rubbing my eyes for not believing what I was seeing, I called my husband, he came and I gave him the test in hand. He in turn asked me the bull of the test to check the result, is it really positive? He asked, and I said yes. He at the same time went out to buy another different brand test that I did as soon as he arrived, positive again! And now?we look at each other and wonder. He was thrilled, but also in shock at the sudden news. I could not stand it, it seemed like it was stepping on eggs, it looked like it was in the clouds … We finally became dads.

The second time was different, after some time of attempts, 3 years in fact, and examinations of my part and the part of him, was verified varicocele . This was preventing me from being able to get pregnant again and after the advice of a urologist doctor, my husband started taking specific medication for such a problem. The positive came very fast, since we disenchanted because of my health also not being very good due to a congenital problem of mine. The first month after the temporary withdrawal from becoming pregnant again was the Christmas month, the last menstruation was on December 15, 2005. On February 16, I realized that I was late for longer than usual, since I was and still are I’m out of control with menstruation. I went to the emergency room after a very ugly bump that I found in the kitchen refrigerator. Arriving there the orthopedist asked me for a x-ray and asked if there was a chance that I would be pregnant and I did not really know what to answer, so he said he would ask for a beta and that the result would leave in 20 minutes at the most. I took the exam, and 15 minutes later he called me in his office and said: you will not even be able to take the x-ray exam , I: because dr?

Because you’re pregnant! I swear I almost fell off the chair!

Patricia 3Already on the third time, November 18, 2010 would be a day that would change my life once more, it had been a few days that I was feeling warm, strange … I made a ground beef with very fresh rice and beans and a good salad I was salivating with hunger, but by the time I put the first fork in my mouth, it seemed like I was munching on a spoon.

My husband upon arriving home that day, put something on top of the sink that I had just cleaned and suddenly just so I started to cry and say that he did not love me! Kkk what a dramatic no? Well, he himself looked deep into my eyes, and laughing said: Love, I think you’re pregnant! I confess that this possibility had even crossed my mind, but you know, I had had false alarms before I did not even call. I got it pounding in my head, I really was different, it felt like a very strong TPM , poor son and husband, I could not even look at them rsrs. The next day, in the morning I did everything I usually did and went to the bathroom, there I saw a lighter brownish mucus lighter than coffee grounds and a bloodred rosemary beetle along with a gossip. At the time I thought it could be menstruation, and then it was the theory of pregnancy, it was even PMS, but something told me to do a test because deep down he knew the truth. The afternoon my husband arrived and along with him a test of the brand Clear Blue compact, yes he did it! I could not wait for the first urine of the day! I went to the bathroom, I collected the urine and called my husband to give me strength, he with me saw the reaction reagent of the test, as the urine went up in the test, my heart accelerated even more, and until they completed the 5 minutes that are ordered , and there was the second line clear but visible!

That night I did not sleep! I kept thinking and thinking, I fried in bed like a pancake! Rsrs, now would be 3 fruits of our love, mine and my husband. He was afraid because of the bleeding, which could be nesting or not. So the next day, I went to the pharmacy and bought a test that I knew, it was very sensitive. I took the test and it went up the urine and with it it was appearing quite clearly the positive line, was confirming the test the previous day and the same day I went to the laboratory to collect blood for the blood test. The right thing would be to wait 2 hours for it to be ready, but well that day took all night! I was already agonized when I called the lab and they said that they had registered my examination in two days, but that they had already made arrangements for the result to come out immediately. Ten minutes later I opened the internet page with my login and password and there was the result, positive for 4 weeks! The part of telling my children was extremely happy and they were very happy with the news that they would have one more little brother, in this case a little sister. Melissa is currently 1 year and 4 months old, beautiful and very smart.

Pharmacy Pregnancy Test: And Now Is It Or Not Positive?

But then you are already expecting to get pregnant and the temptation is a lot of people, is not it? You go to the pharmacy and decide to come in, buy that pregnancy test just to clear it there in the 10th dpo (day post ovulation) to save. What’s wrong, anyway? Guys I confess, I did this a few times but every time I did before the menstrual delay I broke my face. Even though she was actually pregnant, she could not get HCG for the minimum amount of hormone she still had in her gestation.

The positive pharmacy pregnancy test from the right is mine and it was the first one I did when I picked up the positive in the gestation of my youngest daughter, since the positive pregnancy test from the left is not mine, but from another brand and given by a reader.

positive pregnancy test positive pregnancy test by patriciaamorim

Hope did not let you see that the Evaporation Era Line …

The pharmacy pregnancy test is very sensitive . Most are still 25mui, but as I mentioned in another article, there are those that have the sensitivity of 10mUI however, or are very expensive like Clear Blue or are very difficult to find. Then we are satisfied with the Confirm same, the one of 5 Reals that is very good too, and the first day that we feel anxiety because the fertile period has passed.

Positive Pregnancy Test Well Clear

At the earliest opportunity he pumbles with it in the pee pot and the result? Either you are pregnant and do not accuse anything, or accuse anything that may make you more anxious even colleague! Yes, has anyone there ever heard of a pharmacy pregnancy test with the bugle line ?

evaporation line

Light line almost imperceptible.

Well, it happens exactly because of this, the amount of hormone that detects the pregnancy and then when it does that makes the woman even more anxious . There is no way, if it happens, there we go for another one or even a blood test that can also give negative. There is also the possibility of an indeterminate to the future pregnant woman’s frustration. So you ask me: how to avoid this situation? Just wait a little longer. Okay, I know waiting is for some girls, just like for me, it’s kind of impossible. But look, it pays to avoid the headache of having a test with the line very clear.

Evaporation Line

I do not know if you’ve heard of evaporation online , you know what it is? The brand line of the place where would be the positive test result . It may change color after a test time has elapsed. But pay close attention to color, this evaporation line has the color greyish and not pink as the weak line of the positive pregnancy test. If the line is pink what intensity, it does not matter is positive! Speaking the truth, we swear that you saw the second weak line there in the test people. And a living tempting eager!

Recurring Doubts of the Readers!

Is pharmacy pregnancy test reliable?

Yes, the pharmacy pregnancy test is reliable. The vast majority of the tests they have on the market have a very good sensitivity that is 25mIU / ml. These low sensitivity tests are also used in laboratories to test the blood serum that is collected and there can indicate the pregnancy in the same way as the urine. Some pharmacy pregnancy tests are still more efficient than the laboratory’s own qualitative blood test. That’s because they can detect up to 10mIU / ml! So if you choose a good brand with a very low sensitivity such as 10mUI, you can have a positive already on the first day of delay.

Pregnancy Test Value and Benefit

Doing the home pregnancy test is very practical and convenient, but does the value make up? I think so. Some brands like said above are great. The problem when the amount of testing a woman does could cover the amount of a quantitative beta in the lab. Then value pregnancy test and its benefits can and should be weighed by the woman. If she trusts the brand she is using she can use it safely and have a precise result. But if the flea is still behind the ear, a beta would be the best for your case.

evaporation line

Is the Weak Line Positive or Not?

The weak line is a sign that there is little HCG in the woman’s body. Then you have to repeat it in a week or you can follow the evolution to see if it is rising or if that test was a “zicado” with problems. Because it can happen, even more if it was done the wrong way or if the person gave a bad luck to get a problem. Following the instructions on the packaging is very important and a valuable tip, pee in the cup and then yes run the test, do not do the pinch directly because it can ruin and the money thrown away. Overall poor line appeared before 10 minutes? Considered positive .

Pregnancy Test Marks, Which are the Cheapest and Efficient?

There are some brands that are very cheap, Confirm for example costs about 5 reais. The Easy test I’ve already found for $ 2.50! Two good brands and low cost however, both have to be made after the delay. Now, some women might get lucky and already get the HCG before the delay , but it is not a rule but the exception.